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Push of dasies

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The All American Rejects Icon Contest
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Welcome to </b></a>aaricontest, another of the many all american rejects and/or icon communities on LiveJounal. This challenge community is based around the band, The All-American Rejects, which includes Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler, Mike Kennerty, and Chris Gaylor. A challenge community (if you're not familiar with the concept) is a contest held once a week. An image, theme, or lyrics will be posted, and it will be up to you to make the icon. Animation is totally welcome, and of course, all icons must have the Livejournal icon standards of 100x100 and 40kb. Additional rules will be posted with the challenge pending on how each one will be run.

+ Challenges will be posted once a week, on Fridays. This way, we dont interfere with any schoolastic activity. *laughs* I sound like a nerd.
+ Entries will be due on the following Wensday.
+ Voting will begin Thrusday, if not Wensday night
+ Voting ends Friday night at 10pm EST and winners Should be announced on either monday, or wensday with the midweek reminder.

Please read the rules. If you disobey them and have a warning, you might be banned for a week or so. Continuing bad behavior gets you banned or frozen.

01) No attacking other peoples work, not that anyone ever does, but still.
02) No hotlinking!! I cant stress that enough!
03) Voting will only be open to members so voting is fair.
04) No voting for yourself, please.
05) Entries must meet LJ requirements.
06) Please put a direct link to your icon. Id prefer if you dont actually post it in the comments. Id rather have a thousand links to click then have 1000 icons not showing up and killing my internet. And trust me, my internet likes to die. Espically downstairs.
07) If you want to be an affiliate, Please comment. I'd feel totally honoured.
08) If you want to promote your community, put it in the comments along with your icon. Like, "hey, can you mention my ______ community in the next post? Oh, and heres my icon(s). "

this community is:
Made and moderated by kapowlollypops.
and the pretty layout was made by xxmovexxalongxx, who used alot of icons. (I can count 12 of mine.