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Alright kids, we've got 5 members. Its not alot, but its enough :) so heres the FIRST CHALLENGE!!!
*squee im all excited!!!*


This week will be about chris. If you have a theme for next week, or a picture you want used, leave one in the comments. ANYWAYS, on to les photos!

[ thanks to rumsnototburn for this picture! She posted it over at __aar__.]
So, the rules.
Totally the same as gd_icontest, because frankly, they rock.

-Animation is allowed.
-Textures, brushes,text etc, is allowed.
-Use the URL when entering. My internet sucks sometimes.
-Dont put your username in the filename. It wont be anonymous that way.
-Dont post your icon(s) anywhere else, please!
-Only use the pictures posted. You can blend them.
-You can enter up to 5 icons.
-Have fun!!!!!!


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ah dont worry abouts it :)
i have to postpone the deadline anyway, you and i are the only 2 who entered